Hello Friend!

We are excited to introduce ourselves and The Pulse Cafe to you and all our lovely neighbors in Bernville! We are Alicia and Demetria Miller, a mother-daughter duo who love to have fun and create delicious foods and yummy treats with a side of happy island vibes!

Our dream is to make The Pulse Cafe a welcoming oasis in the community where you come for the enticing food and gourmet drinks and leave smiling and refreshed.

The inception of The Pulse Cafe is very near and dear to our family. We can’t tell our story without the heart of The Pulse Cafe - our green-loving inspiration and self-proclaimed foodie girl, Deenna. Unfortunately, we lost our beautiful (21 year old) daughter and amazing sister in June 2020, but as we heal from our loss, we honor her by weaving our memory of her into the fabric of 'The Pulse Cafe' and what it stands for... Good Food & Good Vibes, all centered around those we serve in our community.

We look forward to seeing you often.

             Come Taste The Vibes!

Fun Fact:

Alicia is a native of Trinidad & Tobago. Demetria on the other hand is USA-born and bred with very strong Caribbean influences. Demetria loves the music, food, and culture of the Islands. As such, our favorite radio station on the island was also called "Pulse" Radio, which always played music that never failed to lift our moods. We hope to share a piece of our island Vibe with our friends right here in Bernville, PA.